Manny Pacquiao Vs. Joshua Clottey Fight Result Update

Posted by Michael Tuliao | Saturday, March 13, 2010

Live Stream Result:
The result of the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey .From the opening bell Manny Pacquiao showed ring dominance.The knock out and the predictions made by the boxing analyst turned into 12 round Unanimous Decision.Retaining Manny's belt as WBO Welterweigt Champion.
Arnel Pineda Of the Band Journey sang The Philippine National Anthem.From Round 1 to Round 12

Manny Pacquiao punished Joshua Clottey's body although Joshua tried it very hard to cover.Joshua made a good job on retaining his reputation to be a boxer who never hit the canvass in his entire career.He is very smart in defending but he can not unload his own game.Never been knockdown but defeated via lopsided 12 Round Unanimous decision.

Pacquiao however diplayed a tremendous skill in the ring by bringing his own game but had the hard time executing a Knock Out victory over the Ghanian fighter.

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Manny Pacquiao is Worlds Greatest Ever Featherweight

Posted by Michael Tuliao | Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Manny Pacquiao named the Worlds Greatest Ever Featherweight the result is based from the voting made in the website gathered the second highest number of votes in winning the Featherweight category, polling more than 50% of the vote.

Sugar Ray Robinson was the overall winner named the greatest Boxer of the world, only fighter nominated in two categories,In welterweight division and middleweight division.

Total Votes:
1.Sugar Ray Robinson
2.Manny Pacquaio
3.Muhammed Ali

Others winners in different divisions are listed below.(

World's Greatest Ever Heavyweight

1. Muhammad Ali 48% 2. Mike Tyson 16% 3. Rocky Marciano 11%

World's Greatest Ever Light heavyweight

1. Roy Jones Jnr 37% 2. Archie Moore 17% 3. Joe Calzaghe 14%

World's Greatest Ever Middleweight

1. Sugar Ray Robinson 47% 2.Marvin Hagler 24% 3. Bernard Hopkins 12%

World's Greatest Ever Welterweight

1. Sugar Ray Robinson 39% 2. Sugar Ray Leonard 36% 3. Oscar de la Hoya 10%

World's Greatest Ever Lightweight

1. Roberto Duran 33% 2. Henry Armstrong 22% 3. Floyd Mayweather 14%

World's Greatest Ever Featherweight

1. Manny Pacquaio 56% 2. Willie Pep 15% 3. Salvador Sanchez 8%

World's Greatest Ever Bantamweight

1. Wilfredo Gomez 32% 2. Ruben Olivares 12% 3. Carlos Zarate 10%

World's Greatest Ever Flyweight

1. Ricardo Lopez 27% 2. Jimmy Wilde 20% 3. Michael Carbajal 12%

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